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San Diego Plastic Surgery

San Diego Plastic Surgery
San Diego cosmetic surgery – San Diego plastic surgery directory. Select a San Diego cosmetic surgery doctor by their main specialty. Also, articles and videos on cosmetic surgery operations and opinions before & after the procedures.

San Diego Plastic Surgery

Tijuana Dentists

Tijuana Dentists

Tijuana dentist

Tijuana Dentist – find Tijuana dentists listed by their main dental practice area. Also, you will find a large collection of dental articles and videos.

Many Tijuana dentists provide free consultations.

Keep in mind, price alone should NOT be your main criteria in selecting a Tijuana dentist. Check their credentials,

DO NOT have any dental work done without FIRST doing your OWN homework!

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Tijuana dentist

San Diego Dentist

San Diego Dentist

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San Diego dentists –
San Diego dentists Internet directory. Select a San Diego dentist by their specialty. Dental articles and listings for both dentist in San Diego as well as Tijuana dentists.

Over the last decade the field of dentistry has become very specialized. so, whether you’re looking for a San Diego cosmetic dentist or San Diego implant dentist you’ll find them in our directory.

San Diego dentist usually will provide a free initial consultation for new patients.

Do not neglect your dental health.Whether you need a cosmetic dentist San Diego or just a regular dentist in San Diego, visit our directory now! View them at:

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Prostate Cancer Treatments

Prostate Cancer
– One man’s journey from prostate cancer diagnosis to prostate cancer surgery & recovery from Robotic Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy.
Learn about my options and opinions about the prostate surgery and how the recovery went.
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Prostate cancer treatments

How To Lose Weight Fast Without Spending Endless Hours Exercising

weight loss dietsFirst off, Warp Speed Fat Loss is a very cool concept. The idea that you have in your hands the exact step by step rapid weight loss blueprint that can help you lose 8lbs in the first week and up to 21lbs in just 28 days is very exciting.

Warp Speed Fat Loss is broken up into two main parts – diet and training. The good thing is you can be a complete idiot in both areas and still lose as boatload of weight since everything is laid out for you.

In regards to the diet. It is put together by nutritionist and fat loss master Mike Roussell. Mike has created a ton of different “diet levels” so all you need to do is 1. Know your body weight and 2. Print out the 28 day diet plan for that body weight. If you don’t like the foods Mike picked out that is okay as he made some really easy to follow videos that show you how to add your favorite foods to his diets.

The training part of Warp Speed Fat Loss isn’t a walk in the park; but if anyone told you that you could lose 20lbs of fat in just 4 weeks without a solid exercise program they’d be telling you lies. It isn’t like you have to spend your whole day in the gym either as each of the workouts are over in less than 57 minutes.

The Warp Speed Fat Loss program has already given hundreds of people results were nothing short of phenomenal. If you are looking for a brain dead simple guaranteed way to lose weight fast then definitely check out Warp Speed Fat Loss. You can pick up your copy ..just   CLICK HERE


Brown Recluse Spider Venom Being Studied

A Brown Recluse spider.
A rare affect of the spider’s venom is called Necrotic Arachnidism,
which basically means the infected skins dies. It only happens in about
10% of bite cases apparently, and the affect depends greatly on the
individual and the amount of venom, as well as the speed of treatment
(the faster the better).
San Diego clinical trials

20% of Americans Having Difficulty Paying Medical Bills.

A survey by the Center for Studying Health System Change
found that nearly 20 percent of Americans report having difficulty
paying medical bills. The
global economic crunch is forcing a growing number of Americans to
scale back on medical care. Consumers are pushing off seemingly less-urgent services in the hope that
their financial health will improve.

But the danger, say physicians, is
that the short-term savings may translate into more severe long-term
health implications. Nationwide, the number of consumers who went
without a prescription, tapped into retirement savings to pay for
health care or skipped a doctor visit for themselves or a child has
risen since last year, according to a survey released this summer by
the Rockefeller Foundation and Time magazine. After nearly a decade of
steady — often double-digit — increases in drug spending, the
research company IMS Health this summer recorded the first actual
decline.                                                                                                                                                                                                San Diego dermatology doctor


Is Goverment Universal Healthcare the Answer?

The two countries most often cited by Universal
Healthcare advocates — Canada and the UK — both finance their government
healthcare systems with massive subsidies from exporting oil.

The NHS in the UK has been losing doctors, closing offices, and rationing care
for the past 5-10 years — because spending has gone out of control and revenue
from the North Sea oil fields have peaked.

The U.S. is not an oil exporter — quite the contrary. We don’t have loads of
government money sitting around waiting to be spent — we have massive budget
deficits, and absolutely overwhelming entitlement deficits.

The problem with healthcare is **NOT** how many people have/don’t have
insurance. The problem is sky-rocketing costs. When businesses cancel / trim
health benefits, they always cite costs that are rising 3-4 times the rate of
inflation. Anyone and everyone in the U.S. can **buy** health insurance — they
just can’t afford to. Its a cost problem, not an availability problem

There is no credible argument that the U.S. government, an entity known to
spend $2 billion on an airplane and $10,000 on coffee makers, is going to
control costs. Congress just spent over $36 BILLION (with a “B”) to
build a visitors center at the US Capital. There are no healthcare companies
that spend $36 billion on one building.

Has everyone seen the disastrous care the US government provides for our

The U.S. consolidated all its disaster response agencies into the Department of
Homeland Security… Ask the folks in New Orleans how well that worked out.

And if the government takes over healthcare — that means decisions over what
procedures are covered / not covered becomes a political issue. Roe V Wade gets
overturned by checkbook instead of by law — remember, the government would
control ALL payments to ALL doctors.

Healthcare costs are out of control and need to be addressed. But as the
Hippocratic Oath says “First, do no harm”. Don’t make a bad situation
worse by putting spendthrift politicians in charge of our health.

San Diego California medical research trials

Alzheimer’s Discovery

One in twenty people over sixty-five get Alzheimer’s.Now a team of researchers lead by Dr. Todd Golde of the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville have found chemicals called gamma-secretase modulators (GSMs) that inhibit the “plaques” of clumps of protein that inhibit brain functions. The GSMs cuts the production of one protein fragment that builds up.                                        San Diego clinical trials



Video Games & Kids Health

Researchers from the University of Hong Kong, who published a study which evaluated types of video games.  Researchers assessed three different video games and found that
children who participated in them burned anywhere from 98% to 451% more
calories per minute than those playing video games at rest.  In
addition, their heart rates were much higher.  Plus, the added
advantages are that they are fun and kids are willing to do them!
Professionals in the prevention field think that this could be a
great way to get kids to exercise and, hopefully, to decrease their
risk of obesity.                              San Diego medical research clinical trials